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How to Check If Someone Blocked You on GBWhatsApp

How do I check if someone blocked you on GBWhatsApp? This is a question that many users are concerned about. There may be times when you want to contact a former colleague or a former date, but are not sure if they have blocked you, well, you can observe these aspects mentioned below! By observing some details, you can easily understand if someone blocked you on GBWhatsApp!

How to Check If Someone Blocked You on GBWhatsApp

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  1. When someone blocked you on GBWhatsApp, you cannot see the last time the person was online and when they were online. Therefore, we can observe the contact’s last online time and time online to determine whether they blocked us;
  2. if you notice that a contact’s avatar has not been updated for a long time, it is also possible that he/she blocked you;
  3. sending a message to a contact, but only a tick mark will ever appear in the message box.
  4. it’s even more obvious that if someone blocked you, you won’t get a call to him/her through GBWhatsApp no matter what you do.

These are just four tips on how to tell if someone blocked you. If all four of the above are true, then unluckily for you, bro, you’ve been blocked by this contact on GBWhatsApp. Find a way to save your relationship with this contact!

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